Starfish Services


Strength Assessment


Supervised Access


Wellbeing Workshops


Drug and Alcohol Counselling


Starfish is very often the first point of contact for community referrals from the Police, Schools, Budget Advisers, city based social services, family churches and Citizen Advice Bureau. We provide wrap around services such as counselling, mentoring and social work to support whanau through Oranga Tamariki.

Social Work

One of the main goals in social work is to build positive relationships with people and families to help create opportunities for positive changes to take place. Social Work aims to create social change and development, bring societies together, and to empower and liberate people. It uses many principles, such as social justice and human rights, and works off these to engage people to address life challenges in the best way for that person or group. Overall it aims towards helping and supporting people and families in order to reduce risk and deprivation, and enhance wellbeing.

Youth Services

Starfish is the local provider for Matamata and Morrinsville for Youth Services. Starfish provide a mobile service and aim to support young people into education, training or work-based learning whilst providing wellbeing support, the ultimate goal is for an independent future. Young people receiving payments from Work and Income for Youth Payment, Young Parent Payment or are a young partner receiving a main Work and Income Benefit will be referred to a Youth Services provider.

Freephone 0800 50 50 11

Building Capability To Employment Service

Building Capability to Employment Service provides intensive support to eligible beneficiaries (18-64) with the aim of further equipping them to be prepared to enter the workforce. This includes tailored support with CVs, understanding the job market, coaching around interviews and attainment of certifications which will increase chances of employment. The team supports the transition into mahi and works alongside the client and the employer to ensure that the employment is maintainable. 


Family counselling is a major section of Starfish’s wrap around services. One-on-one, family/whanau and family therapy, counselling services in local schools. Support can be obtained one on one or in a group session. Bridging the generation gap in a family unit is an area that has grown in numbers over the recent years.


Starfish recognises the benefits of young people having mentors in their lives, which includes reduced offending, reduced bullying and other anti-social behaviours and  increased community participation . Our mentors support young people with a strengths based, goal focused approach. At present starfish support young people in the youth justice system and also youth identified as vulnerable across Matamata-Piako. As starfish grows its mentoring service with a well trained, skilled and diverse pool of mentors we hope to better serve the community through this service.

Youth Entrepreneur / Workplace ready Programmes

Youth Enterprise: This is a project funded by Ministry of Youth Development to enhance youth (12-24) opportunity of business knowledge and workplace readiness. There are 2 core components of the project. The first being our Digital literacy and workplace ready program – this is designed to support youth learning the skills required for moving into the workplace. There is also a business arm to the project which supports a young person/group with a particular interest to develop their idea into a real live business with the support of a mentor who is skilled in this area.